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Personal Coaching

Initial consultations are free of charge and I'd really look forward to speaking with you!

Schedule your initial consultation on the online booking page on this web-site.

Petra Schoning: 760 895 4332 (please note I am at this phone number part-time only)


Please call me and we can discuss your needs.

Petra Schoning: 760 895 4332

Comments about Petra as a Speaker:

"Very confident and emotional. Bravo!"

"You are very inspirational. Thank you for being genuine and well-organized."

"Wow! The best of the best!"

"I felt like you captivated the audience by sharing your personal experience."

"You are passionate and well-spoken. Powerful."

"Great job. Organized, heart-felt, authentic and clearly delivered."

"A perfect blend of humor, emotion and detail. Interesting and relatable."

"I really enjoy her speaking style. She has a way of speaking that has me hanging on every word."

"You are a POWERFUL speaker. I like your connection to the audience, and especially your pacing, tempo, and pauses for effect and understanding."

"I went from delighted to moved, and moved to delighted."

"It felt like you were speaking to an audience of friends."