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One of my favorite topics of Well-Being is Happiness. Read more about my thoughts below:

Happy, Happier and even Happier!

You already have a certain degree of happiness in your life. Would you like more? Would you? Can you imagine being even happier regardless of what your life circumstances are? Can you?

Yes, but no?

Perhaps you ask yourself, “Why am I not as happy as I should be”? Sometimes you may even wonder, “What is wrong with me”?  I mean, you, generally, have a great lifestyle, you have loving relationships, you are, usually, doing what you want to be doing and still you don’t feel as happy as you’d like to be? Maybe, more often than you wish, or care to admit, you feel bored, frustrated, moody and just tired?

Sometimes you may even think “life is just passing me by” without any real sense of enthusiasm. And you know the truth – the truth is you don’t have as much time to waste as you used to! Waiting around to feel like you want to feel is, in all actuality, wasting precious time.

It’s even sort of embarrassing…

You have a lot. Other people are sometimes even jealous of your life. At times, you may downplay your own good fortune, which only makes you feel a bit awkward for not seeming to really appreciate what you have. “Why can’t I just be satisfied”, you ask? Why does it always feel like I “need more” to be happy and when the “more” comes, it feels good for a while and then the happiness of it fades away? Fades… just like it has always done before…

Why is this happening?

For good reason, actually…

Human beings are not “hard-wired” to maintain a state of happiness. This struggle is not peculiar to you! Happiness doesn’t “just happen” for anyone. From both a biological and neurological perspective consistent happiness is just not “how we are made.”

Is there any hope then?

Is it even possible for a person to become happier and happier? Yes! Absolutely yes!

Not just because I think so, but because I know so. Recent research shows that the means for achieving greater happiness are becoming objectively clear. Happiness can be measured, happiness can be learned and improved, and happiness can be greatly increased.

A frivolous goal?

No, absolutely not. Happiness isn’t just a “frivolous” pursuit. Studies have shown that happy people are healthier, live longer, have better relationships, have more productive businesses, are wealthier and have more satisfaction in all areas of life. That said, increasing your happiness could be your most important goal in life; not just for your individual self, but for the people you love and care about as well!

And so…

Would you like to have greater happiness in your life? Can you think of a single reason why not? I’d like to even challenge you to ponder the possibility of being happier than you have ever been.

Your next step?

I encourage you to take the happiness test by using the link under Bonus Offerings to measure your current level of happiness. And if you'd like to work on increasing your happiness, or any other aspect of Well-Being, schedule your complimentary session with me on the online booking page.