Common Questions

What if I want a coach, but not necessarily to work on Well-Being?

My work with people involves helping them develop their “best selves”, whatever that may mean for them. I know that any goal (a preferred term in the field of coaching to goal is an aim, but goal feels more familiar to most) you choose, will most likely improve your Well-Being as well. In fact, if it doesn’t, your aim/goal deserves to be further analyzed. Most people already know what they would like to do to live their “best life”. It may involve a huge stretch-goal (in which failure is not an option), such as starting a new business, going back to school, exiting a job and finding a new one, or a myriad of other possibilities. But it may also be a smaller aim than a huge stretch-goal, which can be equally gratifying and very possibly more fun!

Are you a Life Coach?

Yes and No. Actually, anyone can call themselves a Life Coach. However, I have extensive training and education as a Coach. In addition to being Board Certified as a Personal and Executive Coach, I am also a certified Positive Psychology-Based Well-Being Coach. My official title is Board-Certified Master Personal and Executive Coach. Furthermore, as a pre-requisite to becoming certified as a coach, it was mandatory for me to have a Master’s degree in the human services field. My Master’s degree is in Marriage and Family Therapy and I also practice as a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have done so for 30+ years.

Are we going to do more than just talk about Well-Being?

Much more! We are going to objectively test your current level of Well-Being. We’ll see where you are already doing well and explore how to maximize that. We will also develop a plan for you to strengthen areas of Well-Being that aren’t as strong but are most likely to create real results in living your “best life”. Coaching is action oriented. We will assess what is working for you and keep refining it on an ongoing basis.  This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is about finding your best pathway to your desired life aims.

Does Coaching work?

Yes, it most often does. I know what works and what doesn’t based on extensive research. I use testing as an indicator of your progress. In addition, coaching is a highly enjoyable endeavor. Time that is 100% yours to make improvements in your life.

What is the Difference between Coaching and Psychotherapy?

Generally speaking, coaching is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals/aims, while psychotherapy tends to have more of a past and present focus. The focus in psychotherapy is more on healing the past or overcoming current painful life circumstances, while the focus in coaching is more on getting you where you wish to be in the future.

Can you be my Coach and Therapist?

No. Ethically, once you are a coaching client you cannot become a psychotherapy client of mine. And vice versa, if you were ever my client in psychotherapy you cannot become a coaching client. I am bound by legal and ethical guidelines as a coach and licensed marriage and family therapist that do not permit me to do adopt both roles for the same person. In addition, the format of psychotherapy and coaching is so different that it would become very confusing even if it were possible. I do, however, make use of appropriate positive psychology principles in coaching and coaching principles in psychotherapy when a client has overcome life obstacles and is ready to move forward with their future plans.

If during the time of our coaching relationship, we find that psychotherapy would be helpful for you, I will assist you in finding an appropriate referral.

What is the format of coaching?

I am here to help you develop helpful aims/goals and to assist you in meeting them. I am your confidant, your professional “cheerleader,” as well as, your teacher, but without the need for you to attend to me as one does in normal social situations. My job is to make all of my skills available for you during our sessions; to be 100% there for you.

We will meet (by phone or tele-health video services during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic) once a week for the first three weeks of the month. Although 30 minutes is a standard coaching session, I make time for 45-minute sessions. The first 30 minutes are structured and the last 15 minutes are devoted to whatever you may wish to talk about. Although we can stop at 30 minutes, the additional 15 minutes are available to you. And I hope you will take full advantage of the offer.

The fourth week of the month I take off. This is a retirement practice for me and the last week of the month is time I spend having my own totally carefree Well-Being time

Most coaching lasts 3 – 4 months (the time it generally takes to meet one’s objectives). However, some people continue to develop new goals/aims and continue with ongoing coaching to develop a more and more desirable life.

What is my next step?

It’s easy. Schedule your free-of-charge first consultation on the online booking page on this web-site .

And finally, what’s up with the Bluebirds?

Bluebirds are the international symbol of Happiness.