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Petra Schoning, MA, BCC

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, we are happy when we are growing. William Yeats


People tend to be happiest, at their best, and most energetic, when they are challenged and growing in positive ways.

How does that statement make you feel? It may fill you with a sense of unease. And that’s normal. You may be feeling bored, stagnant, and like life is just “passing you by.”, We often get stuck in a rut of little growth because it doesn’t require much effort.  We fear that challenge and growth means we have to make major changes in our lives, but that’s not necessarily true. Not that big challenges aren’t worthwhile, because they often are, but many of us have already achieved major accomplishments in our lives and we are not seeking major changes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to make strides in life in really meaningful ways! And I would suggest that the smaller more personal challenges are even more meaningful in terms of day-to-day satisfaction and happiness than the achievement of big, time-consuming, all-encompassing challenges.

What does that mean?

What I am talking about is finding ways to increase “living the good life”. Knowing that you are on the path of a life well-lived where there are few regrets, where there is consistent movement forward, and where you are becoming your ever-increasing best-self. Does that sound good?

How can that happen?

All of us can live a life of consistent growth and improvement. But how do we know where to focus our efforts? And how do we make it happen? We often have vague ideas of areas of our lives that we’d like to improve or grow in, but how to choose and how to make that happen are a bit confusing. That’s where coaching can be extremely helpful.

In what way?

I am a Board Certified Personal and Executive Coach. Although I work with my clients on all types of goals (including the really “big aims” where failure is not an option), my specialty is Well-being and Wellness Coaching. Improving your Well-being and living more of your good-life has huge benefits in terms of happiness and living life to its fullest.

What is Well-Being/Wellness?

Well-being is the state of being happy, healthy and thriving.

That sounds lovely, right? But if you “drill down” to further define it, what does that actually mean in practical life terms?

Well-being encompasses many areas of life. It includes meaning and purpose, engagement and interest, happiness, positive feelings, optimism, resilience, desirable relationships, closeness with friends and partners, time management, appealing home environment, engagement in one’s community, inner peace, closeness of family members, gratitude, career/retirement satisfaction, and financial Well-being.

Wellness is also included in overall Well-being. It includes positive eating habits, maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, overall health, sleep, successfully managing a medical diagnosis, and/or stress management.

So, where do I, as a coach, start in helping people develop greater Well-being and Wellness?

We start by having you rate personal Well-being and Wellness areas of your life. We celebrate what you are already feeling really great about and then evaluate the areas where you would like to experience personal growth. Then we narrow it down to one or two areas where your personal growth would have the most benefit in terms of your overall satisfaction and joy in life. And then we get to work!

Ready, Set, GO!

Schedule an initial appointment with me on the online booking page on this web-site and let’s talk! You, quite literally, have nothing to lose (first consultations are free-of-charge) and a life of greater Well-being and Wellness to gain.

I’m really looking forward to speaking with you!